Vivaldi 5.4 launches with Rocker Gestures and Web Panel improvements

@Iron Heart

Dear brother Iron Heart to criticize non FOSS software like Vivaldi is to question a google chromium clone itself and in your religon, we can not go questioning your engineering super god google and non foss products like M$ and privacy invasive devices like smartphones lol.

I criticize invasive data collection techniques as much as the guy next to me

No you dont. I and another user here criticized Vivaldi and their unique ID data collection. You support data collection in vivaldi and actually go out of the way to defend it with your asinine wall of text as usual trying to sound smart, when you seem very far from smart.

It is hard to condense a post down to expose your questionable ideas about corporations, FOSS and other such topics.

Downstream forks look at invasive Google spyware code and remove it from the product, resulting in degoogled versions of the code, e.g. Brave or GrapheneOS.

Which has the potential for human error, bugs, security issues etc due to google greedy direction in engineering browser code and OS code. But of course google is your god, they can do not wrong, even if their products are a monopoly and are getting constantly patched and chromium having way more problems than something like Firefox.

Why should I disown the credibility of these projects

Google. But They are your god, so i guess that would be blasphemy. LMAO.

Safari will continue to exist as long as Apple products

Lol. Apple is another big tech corporation, Btw, safari has a very low percentage market share on desktop and notebooks both of which are dominated by chrome and edge and even more so in the future by chrome because of chromebooks, the cheaper alternative to mac OS.

They “steer the ship” of upstream,

Which is all that matters. They are the captain of the ship called chromium.

Security patches for free? That’s a plus in my book!

Security patches? yeah and a lot of them because chromium is a buggy security mess due to googles greed with trying to control the browser industry.

Makes it possible for Brave to concentrate on other aspects.

Fixing broken tor windows? Whitelisting facebook trackers? Braves history is very interesting lol.

In June 2018, Brave released a pay-to-surf test-version of the browser. This version of Brave came preloaded with approximately 250 ads and sent a detailed log of the user’s browsing activity to Brave for the short-term purpose of testing this functionality.


I think you don’t even realize what kind of an ecosystem Chromium is

Oh i do. It is called an attempted monopoly and power grab of the browser industry by large and very powerful corporations like google and M$.

There are also other major parties involved like Microsoft (Edge) or Amazon

Yes, Big tech has their hands all over chromium.

Chromium is licensed in a way that does not allow it to be closed source.

What would happen If google and m$ and their godlike engineering went in a different direction and decided that chrome and edge should only use exclusive codebases that are not based on chromium?

we would still have the last open source state of the code due to licensing requirements, so someone else would be able to pick it up and go from there.

Lol. But, your god google would not be maintaining the codebase and any other maintainer would be irrelevant in your opinion because they do not have the MIGHT of google engineering.

Google profits from outside contributions to the code and they would piss off other industry giants like Microsoft who are invested in the codebase if they pulled that stunt.

Lol. M$ have more than enough financial power to develop an exclusive browser that only they control the code of. They do not need to rely on google. M$ are getting more and more cloud based with each new OS release from them. They literally dropped Internet explorer, it won’t come as a surprize if they stop using Edge too at some point.

open source contributions to the Chromium base code

Lol. Google have the most commits to the chromium code. M$ second. You think those contributions are taking a privacy focused direction? Chrome launched a controversial keyboard API recently, that is the direction chromoum is going. I Have no confidence whatsoever in bloatware browsers like Brave and vivaldi in cleaning up the chromium codebase from google when forking the code. Both browsers are shit on Linux and are CPU and RAM intensive applications.

They are not only irrelevant by now

Firefox is only irrelevant to google promoting noobs like you.

Further, I don’t want Mozilla to recover at all,

Because you only want google to be in control of the browser industry. That is why if there was a voting system on GHacks, you would likely get a downvoted a lot as being someone who constantly promotes google. That is fine, but what it shows is that you love big tech and more and more call you out for it.

The way you defended M$ over Linux, also shows how you love BIG CORPORATION software.

I don’t believe Google will choose the closed source route

LMAO. They already close source chrome and use chromium as a stepping stone to put all sorts of privacy invasive features in the codebase like manifestV3.

The majority of the code is source available, and can be audited, which is already good enough for most people! You sound like a paranoid alarmist, saying that you expect them to hide something in their closed source UI code.

I Don’t trust closed source browsers like Vivaldi. It is especially important for a browser to be FOSS in an OS if one expects privacy. Vivaldi creates a unique ID whilst being proprietary, that rings alarm bells as it seems they count users for financial reasons. Why else would they need to count users and have them ping back to their mothership? Contrast that with something like Librewolf, where there is no financial motivation or idea to create unique ID upon install that phones home every 24 hours like something in vivaldi whilst also containing proprietary UI. Lol.

Vivaldi is crap software compared to librewolf.

You can also always monitor the connections Vivaldi establishes via e.g. WireShark,

Vivaldi is a private company you dummy. Unless you are actually an employee with them, you have no idea what they could be doing with user data, whether they sell it or not. By using a proprietary browser like Vivaldi, you would have to just trust them. That is fine if people trust them, its their choice. But FOSS Advocates usually do not trust closed source browsers lol.

Ridiculous FUD is what you are spreading here,

Really? Go visit any FOSS forum and privacy community and you will see much criticism directed towards closed source browsers and google and M$.

Go look at some FOSS community videos on youtube lol. You will see similar criticism.

LibreWolf is Firefox with a new icon and a Tor-inspired user.js + uBO preinstalled. Wow! How long did it take to create that? Less than a day? That hobby project vs. the most feature-rich browser in existence

Feature rich for those that look for a more private browser than vivaldi.

Smartphones are not privacy focused devices by design

Not more or less so than any modern PC.

Noob level argument from you. Personal computers are stationary objects usually, smartphones are mobile and have IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) technology that come into contact with towers and smartphones are around other peoples devices more which potentially creates wifi and bluetooth security risks. Also, cameras and mic can easily be disconnected from a desktop computer, with smartphones they can not.

You are a noob.

Of course some people use smartphones because they have to, but smartphones by design are not privacy devices no matter what OS is on them. They can be made more private sure, android has strong sandbox and security, but by design smartphones are not private due to IMEI and being mobile devices by nature. OH and no hardware switches to turn off gps, camera and mic in mass produced products.

Ah, so they are evil because they connect to cell towers in order to establish calls and SMS functionality, understood. Makes total sense.

It is called location tracking. Read about stallman. Read why he dislikes smartphones.

a profile of your movements can be created just as well as with a smartphone. Your MAC address is giving your device away in either case.

Noob level argument. A personal computer if left stationary does not let its mac address get exposed to location profiles built on movements through coming into contact with public wifi spots

Also, even a simple notebook does not contain IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). And, even notebooks are not exactly carried around like a smartphone in a pocket. Notebooks are heavy and are not used like smartphones.

front/rear cameras, GPS, and microphones

Minus the GPS part, this is also true for most notebooks these days.

Not true for stationary desktop towers and again, both desktops and notebooks do not have IMEI and are much more stationary than smartphones as people usually use smartphones as an extention of their hand and take them everywhere in a cultural sense living in the modern age.

Notebooks have similar hardware components built in and they can’t be librebooted either, and don’t have open hardware, at least not too my knowledge.

Noob level argument and very uneducational. Do some research before you type lol.

Mass produced Notebooks have no IMEI like a smartphone. Also the THINKPAD T440 can be librebooted with effort, some other older models can be librebooted too and system 76 makes laptops with similar features to libreboot.

Open source hardware is also becoming a thing.

Most of the browser is source available to begin with,

Lol at most. Vivaldi has a proprietary UI which in my opinion is a form bloatware. Browsers should be simple, they do not need fancy UI. But i guess you want the fancy UI, must be the reason why you like Brave so much because they have a lion as a logo lol.

@Done Lump

LOL who can trust this company, this is the same company that asks you for a phone number to be able to use their mail system they keep pushing in you face when you create and account.

Iron Heart trusts them LOL.