New Instagram feature rips off popular BeReal app


The internal testing shows a feature that promotes candid photos.

Instagram is internally testing a new challenge-based feature called Candid Challenges. First spotted by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, it mimics the functionality of the viral BeReal app.

That standalone app lets you post once per day, with a twist. The app sends you a notification at a random time to take your picture. No time to stage your background, no makeup, no filter.

Oh, and the BeReal app only gives you two minutes to post your picture. If you go past that time, you have to wait for the next day’s posting prompt. It’s a favorite of Gen Z, who like the unplanned nature.

The code Paluzzi found mentions “IG Candid Challenges,” which seems a carbon copy of BeReal’s functionality. The only change is that you have to add the other person’s IG Candid to your story tray.

Then, you’ll get a notification daily, at a random time, with a two-minute time limit to post. The Instagram app will open the dual-camera, which takes a picture from both the front and rear-facing cameras.

While unreleased features don’t always make it to the public builds, Instagram did confirm the existence of the “internal prototype” to Engadget .

Obviously, the question here is – “Will copying BeReal keep users on Instagram?” We’re not so sure.

Instagram has been under fire lately for its new, video-first features. The social sharing site has even promised to walk back many of these after the Kardashians started a mini-but-stylish revolution.

The revolution might not get far, as Meta, Instagram’s owner, says that “serving young adults” is their top priority. That is referencing Gen Z, or the group that loves the BeReal app.

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